Friday, October 8, 2010

Imortal Episode 2 - I'm scared of the Japanese Spitz

We are reminded in Episode 2 that Imortal is a sequel to Lobo, that successful teleserye starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual for which Angel earned an Emmy nomination. In this episode, we are introduced to Lyka (Angel Locsin) who plays the leader of a pack of Taong Lobos or wolves. Remember, Lyka marries Piolo in the original Lobo series and they are gifted with a daughter, Lia who incidentally looks exactly like her mother. Exactly. As in they're played by the same actor (Angel Locsin). *rolls eyes* 

Lia sees her father (Piolo) get killed by a vampire on her birthday. The vampire appears out of nowhere and lands on top of Piolo's Mercedes Benz (I thought this was a Toyota in the trailer). The vampire causes the car to turn turtle and eventually explode. Lyka tries to save her husband by turning into a huge dog and prancing around the burning car like so -

But she fails. She just ends up naked and hysterical, which is good for some of the show's male followers.

Fast forward some years later, we return to Roman. Note that all these years, Roman's son Mateo - a half human vampire - has been living among vampires in the mountains. He seems to be catching on, finally noticing at this point that he's  the only child in their community. 
Because of his son's sudden curiosity, Roman dreams of a world where vampires will no longer be chased into hiding by wolves. Roman thus attempts to talk Lyka into entering into a truce with his vampire community. Lyka, still infuriated by the death of her husband at the hands of vampires, gets ugly -

"What? Out of stock ang Head and Shoulders?!"

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