Monday, October 25, 2010


It's shallow I know. But I'm sure you too have experienced the classic shopaholic's dilemma of choosing between quantity over quality. I thought that with age, I've learned to put a premium on quality. The philosophy has served me well. Even though I end  up paying a little more for clothes or accessories, I get a "rebate" when I tire of them because I easily get to sell them to ladies looking for a good deal using pre-owned stuff.

Anywho, this is just a long introduction to the story of how I chose to buy a few things that I medyo liked over one thing that I really liked because the former cost less. See I loved this necklace over at bijouxdelou -

Nerd necklace made of polished brass. This may as well have been customized for me. Only PhP600.

But I was browsing ebay that night and thought for that price, I could buy all of these plus some -

Various vintage necklaces from tinatindera. All below PhP150 each.

I chose to buy the necklaces from ebay. Eeek. My accessories arrived in the mail the other day, and more than a couple came with tarnished necklaces. I'm sure they're nothing that a little buffing won't fix but now that I have four vintage pendants on hand, I still want to buy the necklace that says Nerd. Ugh.

The moral of the story is: Never settle for substitutes. In a larger scale, for example, if you want an oversized Mulberry Alexa that costs PhP60K, don't buy several Guccis and LVs to temporarily satisfy your selfish want. You'll just end up spending more because the Guccis and the LVs, which certainly cost you money that you could have saved to buy the Alexa, will not fill that gaping materialistic void in your gut. Word.

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