Thursday, October 28, 2010


I spent the better part of Monday following Malik around the house to see what he does when we're off working. For starters, Malik likes to take his baths -

Side Note: Doesn't the nursery rhyme 'Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub' sound so gay? Dudes, huwag maligo ng sabay-sabay!

He then takes a nap until around lunch time. Afternoons, I tell Ate Bear to bring Malik upstairs so he can play and learn to walk some more. Since I was home Monday, I decided to bring out the activity mat that we got for Malik when he was just a teeny baby -

Malik at 3 months

Babies grow up so fast, no? One minute Malik can barely lift his head while lying on the mat, the next minute he's able to actually lift the mat -

 Amazing!  Malik likes looking into the mirror too, curious little peeper -

Speaking of curiosity -

I do not like clutter. But it turns out, clutter becomes a part of daily life with a baby in the house. They have so much stuff! Luckily, I find baby clutter endearing (or maybe I'm just saying this because I have to live with all the mess. Eeek)

The Far End

Malik then capped off his productive day of playing and napping with a yummy mini-11th month-birthday cake. Yey.

Malik: "Hmph. Hindi ko naman yan pwede kainin. Tse."


  1. hehe! cute! pwede na yan gladys. ^^ si calleigh pinatikim ko na mga cake niya simula ng 7 mos. haha! tikim lang naman. ^^

  2. Nya. The sweetest Malik has tasted so far are the no-sugar added mamon/s from Red Ribbon! Haha

  3. Thanks S.H. Loved your site too. Tobi is adorable! Which reminds me, I should write about our first born Pipo one of these days.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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