Friday, October 22, 2010


What I'm Thinking: The weather's great. There are 194 other countries in the world that I can visit. Ah, yes. I am yet to see Greece. Malik is learning something new today. I wish I can give me a hug now. I have some pasta recipes in mind that I'd like to try out. There is still the matter of learning to make a quilt. I want to make my own furniture or possibly reupholster one. I can learn French, learn more Japanese, finally speak Ilocano. Wait. I want to make my own jewelry too. Maybe I should start with semi-precious stones. Should I study some more? An MBA will be interesting. There are just so many things to do.... 

What I'm Doing: Sitting behind a desk. Looking into a computer screen. Earning money for someone else. 

There is something wrong here. *Crickets*

And with that, I'm off. The weekend awaits! 


  1. Yen, I'm just too lazy or scared to do anything about it. Boo.


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