Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Person Smell

By the way, we're welcoming a new person in the family -

Teo Gonzales - B. 19 October 2010

Isn't he the cutest? I love the new person smell of babies (I actually just got this line off Modern Family but it's true!). Teo is the third son of my cousin Tony and wife Jen. Teo shares the same birthday with his 5-year old Kuya Ax. How very unlikely and also tipid for the family. Hello, shared birthdays! 

Ax Gonzales - B. 19 October 2005

We were almost all girls in my generation of the family. Some weekends were spent playing dress-up with the lush curtains over at Auntie Mira's [haunted] house in Little Baguio. So having almost-all boys in this generation, except for my favorite and only niece Jowie, is new to us. Raising baby boys is a test of your patience. Kaloka. So rowdy these new kuyas!

Kuya Gabby at 3 years old, Kuya Malik at 10 months

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