Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October equals birthdays

So many people I know are celebrating their birthdays this month. Even at the office, where birthdays are posted on the bulletin board, October is the month where the calendar is most filled up. I wonder why. Is this because it used to be cooler in January in this country, and well, you know cooler weather is more conducive to pro-creation? Ewww. LOL

Anyway, today is my sister's birthday. Hooray. As you know, it took Pao and I some time before we were gifted with Malik. The long wait quadrupled my sister's excitement over being ninang/aunt in the first degree. When Malik was born, she loved hanging out in our house to take care of our teeny baby -

My sister is a full-time home maker, to our advantage of course. When Ate Bear is not around (as she often is), Ninang takes over while we're off to our respective workplaces. Thanks Claudine (wahaha) and 'til your next baby-sitting duties, happy birthday!

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  1. sisters are such blessings! :-) happy birthday!


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