Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picture This

For the benefit of the folks who have been asking us where we got Malik's cute na cute na baby pictures taken, we went to Picture This in Trinoma. Their studio is near Mother Care and Gymboree. You won't miss it.

I must say, the mechanics of getting your baby's picture taken nowadays can be confusing. While most of us parents are just interested in the net amount that we'd have to pay, business owners tend to muddle the real issue with litanies on memberships, price per print (framed and unframed), price per digital negative, blah blah blah. 

So without further ado, let me now tell you this: Malik's pictures cost us PhP3,000. [The rest of this blog is optional reading] 

Picture This does not require payment of a membership fee. There is also no time limit for your photo session. You are free to choose as many costumes as you want from their [limited] collection of infant/toddler costumes. For PhP3,000, you get four "prints" meaning four whole sheets of photo paper. The sizes of the pictures that you'd want to print on the paper are your call. It can be one 8R, two 5Rs, four 3Rs etc. You also get to choose twenty digital negatives. The quality of these digital files are good enough to print on 3R paper. 

Here are the good bits. If you don't like any of the pictures taken during your shoot, you can just walk away without paying anything. Of course, you also don't get to take home anything but at least they don't make you pay for crappy pictures. If you like some of the pictures, but the numbers are not enough to fill four sheets of photo paper, you can have the pictures that you like printed for a fee of PhP750 per sheet. The catch is that you only get digital negatives if you print four sheets (PhP750 x 4 = PhP3,000). 

There. These are it basically. If you decide to go, I suggest you call ahead and ask that Jen take your baby's pictures. She's a BroadComm student in UP Diliman working part-time at Picture This. She's also very friendly and efficient, unlike the big semi-kal fellow there who just sits in one corner and looks at you head to toe when you enter. Hmph.

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