Saturday, October 2, 2010

ProP 10.1 - Who is this girl I see? Not Malik!

Proud Parent Update - People often mistake Malik for a baby girl! Every time I change his diapers in the mall, the restroom attendants are almost always surprised when I open his diapers. Boy pala? Oo naman. The auditor at work theorizes that this is because Malik has "soft facial features." I just think this confirms the fact that Malik is 70% me and 30% daddy (gender included). Heehee

Since we're talking about Malik's face, let's have a look at his teeth shall we? He has 9 now. I don't know if teeth are supposed to grow in pairs. If that is the case, then the buddy of Malik's 3rd bottom tooth must be penalized for being late.

Several full teeth notwithstanding, Malik's dental hygiene still consists of: (1) a moistened cloth diaper being run over his teeth, tongue and gums after meals and before going to bed, (2) chewing on his teethers to stimulate teeth growth -

- and (3) gumming on his toothbrush, which is really just an infant toothbrush with three rows of soft rubbery spikes. Malik's toothbrush came with this set, of which he has a couple -

Our baby bible says this routine should be enough. But with so many teeth (some one year olds I know have less than four teeth), I wonder if we're doing the right thing. Shouldn't we be using some specially formulated toothpaste for babies? Hmmm.


  1. I'm just about to blog about marion's dental care. :-) dentist says no need really for toothpaste but it helps because it usually comes in yummy flavor. the dentist i spoke with recommended that we use toothpaste without flouride (we get enough flouride from other sources). :-)

  2. Hi Yen! Is the toothpaste just to get Malik to use the toothbrush? 'Cause he likes brushing as it is. Maybe no need for toothpaste na?


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