Monday, October 11, 2010

ProP 10.3 - Mahangin ba sa labas?

Proud Parent UpdateYou remember when Malik was just a teeny baby, he used to have a faux hawk?

Malik nearing 2 months

Now it's really just Malik's bangs that's been growing 
in all directions. It's getting quite unruly.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

We tie Malik's hair up to keep it from brushing against his eyes. This is probably one of the reasons why people mistake Malik for a baby girl, but we don't mind.

Oi. Sumo wrestlers tie their hair up in a bun too, noh.

We're following the Filipino tradition of not cutting a baby's hair until he's turned a year old. I understand the tradition also calls for Malik's hair to be cut for the first time by someone whom we'd want Malik to take after. Some people say that should be me. I have no doubt in my mind that that should be daddy. I cannot think of any other man for fearful of God than Pao. And to me, as soon as Malik learns to fear God, he's good to go. 

We have about a month a half before we get to cut Malik's hair. Until then, Malik's hair is going to have to look like these once in a while -



  1. Ayos nga ang buhok ni Malik, Mel eh. It styles itself. No styling products needed!

  2. i didn't know abt this! thanks for the heads up. marion doesn"t really need a haircut yet but at least when the time comes she won't take after her hair stylist. ;p


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