Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ProP 10.4 - The Sound of Malik

Proud Parent Update - Pao took our hand held to Rome, which explains why I haven't been posting videos of Malik. Boo. I took some videos to show off some of Malik's new skills (beautiful eyes, dance, and bye-bye) as soon as Pao got back, but until I find the time to upload those on You Tube, we're going to have to make do with these videos taken last month.

Malik began making these sounds at 9 months. He's still making them now but not as often as he used to. I'm especially interested in the gargle. I discourage him from doing it because I imagine it must feel scratchy on his throat. Hmmm.

Excuse the baby spit-up by the way. These used to be pretty common when Malik was tinier. Now that he's all grown up, it admittedly looks strange. Ooops.


  1. i wanna see beautiful eyes!!!

    thanks for reminding me that's a trick i should be teaching marion also pala:D

  2. Yen, we don't teach Malik these tricks. He just picks them up! I swear. I wish I know how to teach things to babies, but every time I try to, Malik just looks the other way and ignores me. Haha


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