Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ProP 11.0 - He Walks

Proud Parent Update -  I was excited to see Malik walk as soon as he turned 10 months old. I noticed though that Malik gets lazy when it comes to walking. He'll stand up sure, but realizing that he'll make better progress if he crawled instead, he'd just go down on all fours and start a-crawling. Out of excitement and perhaps desperation, I made Malik use his cousin Mae's walker. We all know the walker is pink but Malik is clueless. Heehee -

Pediatricians and most credible parenting books now advice against the use of walkers. After letting Malik try one out, I must say that I agree. Malik just sits on the walker with his legs dangling without purpose to his sides like this -

Occasionally, Malik will try to push himself with a foot, but that's about that. There was mobility but there was no actual walking going on! Nyee. So after about a week, we set aside the walker and tried the traditional back-breaking arms under the kili-kili approach.

What do you know, the technique paid off. At 11:00 p.m. of Sunday, several hours before Malik's 11 month birthday, Malik began walking on his own. I was able to take this video -

The action begins at sec. 48 so be patient. Plus, considering these are baby steps, you'll notice Malik barely travels a foot in almost 5 minutes! Waha


  1. i loooove malik's surfer dude move at around 1:46. malik rocks!

  2. Ayos ba? Ang caption non, "Whoa." Haha

  3. Hey! Good job, Malik!

    Lucky you, you we were at home to witness this. I was in the freakin' office when Lucas took his first real steps! Hayyy...

    P.S. yes, I put up a blogger account so I can finally comment.... :-)

  4. Hey China, good for you. Hindi kasi ako gagawa ng Facebook account ever (or not yet, I don't know ^ ^). So someone has to give in. Teehee


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