Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Purge

It's true what they say. When you're moving houses, you realize you have so many things you don't really need.

We've been living in our present apartment for almost six months now, and I am still surprised at the sheer number of my personal belongings (in particular order: 1. shoes, 2. clothes and 3. bags). I can't use/wear all of these at once, so I decided to let go of some of them -

Fino Brahmin Satchel (Red) - PhP4,000

Fino Doctor's Bag (Gray) - PhP5,000

Herve Chapelier 901N - PhP1,000

Herve Chapelier 351N - PhP1,500

Hedgren Tote - PhP1,500

Fino Tote (Green) - PhP1,500

Longchamp Le Pliage Type 'M' Short Handle (Chocolate Brown) - PhP2,000

Nine West Satchel - PhP800

If you're interested, I've posted more photos of the above and some other bags in my multiply site (this social networking site has literally turned into a market place!). Have a look around and let me know if you see anything you like. Click here.


  1. ganda naman ng lighting. morning sun ba yan? hehe

  2. bili ka na ton. bags! bags kayo diyan! :)

  3. I need to do this also. You gave me an idea.

  4. Mel, I sold some of the bags already and of course made money! Gow!


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