Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thirty on Thursday

Today I turn thirty years old. Hooray. I thought by the time I turn thirty, I would have already been well-traveled, well-off and successful in my profession. I am none of these. Heehee And yet, I feel accomplished, mostly because I have Moe and Curly -

I genuinely feel good about turning thirty. Pao and I are taking on the challenge of raising a child. I make a decent living in a job that opens plenty of opportunities. My family is healthy. My optimism has diminished a little, having come to the knowledge that life isn't always fair, but I have not stopped dreaming. I try to remain child-like, curious and wide-eyed. My ambitions have not been dampened. I have the rest of my life ahead of me and an entire universe to explore. Whoopee.  


  1. Happy birthday! :) (mag-facebook ka na! LOL)

  2. Thanks Mel! Maybe when I turn 40. Haha

  3. happy bday gladi!remain child-like! idol kita sa area na yan.oh and my vote for malik's halloween costume: ung piskal.hehehe

  4. Thanks Mishee and Golda!

    Golds, Yen has a better idea! (see Comment on Halloween costume post). LOL


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