Friday, October 15, 2010

This is not a picture frame

Pao handed me my birthday gift on the eve of my actual birthday. I wasn't too excited to open it because the size of the box did not fall into either of the following categories: (1) very big - in which case, it would have contained another bagor (2) very small - in which case, it would have contained a necklace designed by Daphne Osena-Paez (on my wish list for so long). Considering the box's size and shape, I thought Pao gave me chocolates, or worse, a picture frame!

Malik: "Let's open it already mommy! I get the wrapper!"

Yesterday morning though, Malik woke me up and made me open my gift. So I did. Look what I got -

The all-new Kindle 3! Oh-em-gee!

Here are some of the Kindle 3's features. All photos from

"Slim and lightweight - only 8.5 ounces"

"50% better contrast for the sharpest text and images"

"Read in bright sunlight with no glare"

"Built in PDF reader with pan and zoom"

 "Built-in Dictionary with Instant Lookup"

 "Shop the Kindle store right on your device."

I said it once, I'll say it again. The iPad is a toy. The Kindle, on the other hand, is a lean-mean reading machine! I am amazed at the quality of the screen. There is no glare to it. It looks like I am looking at a page of an actual book. Plus, I no longer contribute to the killing of trees whilst feeding my reading addiction AND I don't have to deal with clutter anymore. I love it!

I am yet to download books from Amazon because I don't own a credit card. Haha But I should get to that right away, because by golly, the new Kindle can hold as much as 3,500 eBooks!


  1. Gladi, iPad pa rin! Hehe...

    But the Kindle is a great gadget if you just want to read :)

  2. Mel, we may just get the iPad for when Malik's ready to learn his ABCs. It's an excellent interactive teaching tool. Malik likes playing Sneezies! But for reading...ah. Kindle it is!


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