Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You can reach me by royal mail

My Cath Kidston Day Bag arrived in the mail last week -

I got frustrated over
unknowingly purchasing a fake from local ebay, that I finally decided to just buy one directly  from the Cath Kidston website. Since this will involve dealing with the government (customs and the postal service), I knew that I risked "losing" or "damaging" my bag. Happily, that didn't happen. My day bag sure reached me, but not before I had to cough up a ridiculous amount in customs duties -

Can you read it? PhP1,869! I didn't know importations were also subject to E-VAT.
Inimport na nga lang. There was no value added to the item in the Philippines, so why pay value added tax in order to use it? I'm neither a tax nor a customs lawyer so I just swallowed my pride, along with whatever questions I had on the computation, and paid the amount. Anyway, I was given an official receipt for my payment and in fairness to the San Juan customs employees, the computation came with a primer on customs laws and rates. So I guess the harang amount that I paid is all legit.

I'll blog about the process of ordering from the Cath Kidston website in a bit, for those interested in purchasing from there too. 
I originally thought I'd be able to save around PhP2K when ordering from the website versus buying locally, but the amount that I supposedly saved went to the government. It's not worth all the trouble. 


  1. Gladi sayang, you should have told me you were ordering so I could have warned you.

    VAT is imposed on sale of goods, sale of services and importation of goods, unfortunately.

    Next time if you really want to order something, just have it shipped to Johnny Air Cargo's address in the United States. They will then ship the bag to the Philippines for you, and charge you a fee depending on the weight of the item or the size of the box/packaging. No customs duties or fees. I've used this service so many times and I have no complaints.

  2. Hi, Gladi!
    I use . I prefer them over Johnny Air Cargo because I remember making a comparison before and I think they come out cheaper. Their shipping charges are based on the size of your box/package which makes it easier for me to estimate my cost. Check them out. :-) (For future reference. :D)
    Both are absolutely hassle-free. They'll ship your box to your door. :D

    In any case, hooray for your new bag! I was at 168 this week and I saw fake C.Kidston bags. :-( Kakainis!

    Post pictures soon! :D

  3. Um, I don't know what happened...
    I use to ship my online purchases.

  4. Thanks Mel and Yen! I don't think I could have used Johnny Air / though because the bag came from the UK. For US online purchases, I ship to my mom's address and have her bring them home. Heehee

  5. About the fake Cath Kidston bags - Ugh. Pao's aunt says they're selling in Greenhills for PhP1K ++. Ang mahal naman. Peke na nga eh. Boo.


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