Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ako ang na-[queso de]-bola

I am a fan of all things cheesy. Not "cheesy" as in chintzy but "cheese" the food. I look forward to Christmases partly because of the cheese. I especially love queso de bola or as our 1st world friends call it, Edam cheese.

Edam is expensive. So pricey in fact that common Filipinos get to taste it only once a year, again, usually around Christmas. This is why I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these in the supermarket -

Hot damn. Mini queso de bola for just PhP180.

I thought it was about time they democratized cheese-eating. It's a human right! Every Filipino is entitled to eat Edam cheese as the want arises. So I chucked the box into our grocery cart, drove home, and hurriedly instructed our help to cut the cheese in heavenly wedges for our immediate consumption. But when I tasted it, I sensed something wrong. This is not Edam. This is processed commercial cheese, dipped in red wax to make it look like Edam -

Pasteurized Processed Cheese Spread. Boo.

I should have known. It was too good to be true. And as someone who makes a living  reading fine print everyday, I am kind of ashamed I was duped. I have thus made it my personal mission to spread the word the best I can. Never again will anyone be tricked into purchasing this Edam-wanna-be! Neverrrrr!

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