Monday, November 15, 2010


We're almost done with our preparations for Malik's 1st birthday party. Got some toys two weeks ago to raffle off to the kids. I'm keeping them in a bag, which I open every now and then because of this -

DIY Monster

You make body parts out of the felt, iron it on, and stuff the doll with cotton yourself -

The dolls come with their own birth certificate, so you can name them -

Chrisgel would approve. Also so tempted to just appropriate it for myself. I will name my monster, "Baggage." 

[Monster Making Kit, PhP399.75 from Toys R' Us.]


  1. I know Cgel! Umuwi ka ng Pilipinas at pumunta sa birthday party ni Malik. The toys are going to be raffled off to the kids. But for you, we'll make an exception. Teehee


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