Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Battle Plan

Came home Friday night to find three huge mosquito bites on Malik -

We had a similar mosquito problem while living in my parents' house. Malik was a tiny baby then, so all we did was cover his crib with a mosquito net and we were set. Malik is a lot more mobile now. He can't sit still, even for a moment. So we would have to be a lot more creative. So far, I'm using Zanza No from Chicco -

I will also be gas-chambering the bathroom. I have a theory they're breeding there, even though we never keep stagnant water in the house. I'm going to find you, you sneaky little b*stards. No one messes with my baby and gets away with it. Attack!


  1. use downy antibac after cleaning. punasin mo sa floor kahit sa room nyo and sala. para iwas lamok din.yun din ginagawa ko dito sa bahay kahit sa banyo after maglinis ng cr nagspray ako ng downy antibac sa tiles. ^^ 1 sachet dilute mo sa water then lagay mo sa pang spray para tipid. ^^ and and bili ka ng eucalyptus plant or malvarosa. hehehe! problem ko langgam naman! haha!

  2. Oh. Thanks Mishee! Will try this later.

  3. We use a two-pronged approach. There's an Off Lotion spray for children that's water-like, so it doesn't leave any sticky residue. There's also a citronella bracelet option. Finally, if the bites take long to subside, antihistamines do wonders.

  4. Thanks Kiko! The mosquitoes disappeared after we sprayed the house with an odorless insect killer from Bayer (has special anti-dengue formulation). Zanza No is ok too. Although I will be trying out Mishee's suggestion later, just to be sure.


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