Friday, November 19, 2010


Finally took Pipo to the vet this weekend. I had to drive all the way to the North twice to pick up and then drop off Pipo but it's okay. Laban ni Pacquiao, so there weren't many cars on the road that day.

Doggie kisses.

Pipo's vitals are okay. No intestinal worms or *thank goodness* heartworms. He's been vaccinated against parvovirus and rabies, among others. Unfortunately, his SGPT is above normal this year. The vet says it's probably genetic (You remember we got Pipo from what I now realize is a puppy mill? *Boo!*). So we're giving him his usual dose of Jetepar for life. He's also switching to a senior's diet this year. My baby Pipo is all grown-up now.

We stopped taking Pipo to Animal House four years ago, because I found their service too impersonal. We've been seeing Dr. Ernesto Pascual (shown here) since. His clinic is in New Manila. I highly recommend him. His charges are reasonable, he's very competent and he'll tell you like it is. Let me know if you're looking for a vet. I'll give you his contact numbers.

Pao will probably kill me when he reads this, but after his visit to the vet, I took Pipo home with me to meet Malik. Briefly lang naman. He just walked around a little near Malik's crib so Malik can see him and then I tied his leash on the stairs already. Because of this exercise, I have come to the conclusion that Malik and Pipo will get along fine. But like I said, we'll have to wait five more years.

Malik: "Hey, where did that furry person go?"

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