Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coping with loss, literally

I haven't been in the mood to write anything lately because I've been busy solving [what seems to be] a crime: I seem to have lost my iTouch. I vaguely remember leaving it in my cubicle on Friday and have actually spent the weekend under the assumption that my iTouch is safely cradled in its usual corner -

Scene of the [possible] crime. Do not cross.

However, when I came to work yesterday, I discovered it's not there! I have asked questions from potential witnesses like the utility folks and the security guards, to no avail. I'm actually hoping I just misplaced it somewhere. But the 24-hour window for finding missing persons, er, gadgets has passed now. I guess the sooner I admit that I will never see my iTouch again, the sooner I will be able to move on. Hay.

The value of my iTouch, which I've had for more than two years, has probably depreciated to zero by now. So what I am most agitated about it is the fact that I no longer have my Touch Closet -

Photo credit: Home Spa Goddess

I've taken pictures and recorded every piece of clothing/shoe/bag that I've bought in the last two years in that iPhone App. It's actually saved me a lot of time, since I browse the Touch Closet rather than my actual closet when coming up with my daily outfits. I've also been able to compute how much I pay for a piece of clothing on a price per use basis because of that application. Now I will have to find another way to nurture my OC-ness. Any suggestions?

Malik: "If you see this gadget here, please holler."

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