Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In fairness

Imortal has been running on primetime TV for more than a month now. I haven't watched all of the episodes because I have a life. But you can say I follow the series. As in most TV programs, there are some things I like about it and some things I don't. Let's see -

1. LIKE: The John Lloyd Cruz-Angel Locsin love team. I was a doubtful little b*astard at first but after watching them kiss on screen and not cringing, I guess the tandem works. I was especially surprised that Angel's voluptuous figure fits Lloydie's far from sculptured physique perfectly. This isn't to say that I like Angel Locsin's acting. Medyo O.A. sya minsan ha, but that's another matter.

This screen shot of Angel Locsin reminds me of the mushrooms from Mario Bros. I wonder why.

2. LIKE: Rico Blanco. I am a huge fan of Rico Blanco as a musician. He's extremely talented, whether he's acting solo or playing with a band. Sadly, the respect that I had for him decreased 3,000 basis points  when I heard he would be acting in a teleserye. Ewww. But it turns out, he's not so bad. He can even hold his own against John Lloyd Cruz, which is quite a feat considering how good an actor Lloydie is.

Master Blanco plays Lucas

The lead characters of Imortal. That lady standing next to John Lloyd reminds me of a person I saw in an "art film" once (Okay, fine. I saw it many many times. Haha). Superb performance by the way. 

3.  LOATHE: The commercials! I understand that as a John Lloyd Cruz fan, I should be rejoicing about this because more commercials mean more revenue for the show. But for crying out loud, 15 minutes of advertising per 10 minutes of actual show abuses even Mother Theresa's patience. Cut it out ABS!

"Commercial na naman?! Acccck!" 
Photo Credit: Pinoy Showbiz Surfer

4. LOATHE: The pacing. I guess I shouldn't expect too much from a local TV series. Us folks have the tendency to milk the cow for all it's worth, so to speak.  With Imortal, I could not watch for a week and I can still follow the storyline. Last night for example, all that ever happened was Angel got her ass kicked by the lady who acts funny when she's angry. Heehee

I intended to put up regular posts about Imortal when the series first aired (Remember this and this?). Even though I am probably the 3rd biggest John Lloyd Cruz fan in the country, I realize now that I can't. I'm all for supporting local television, but because I'm not very patient (with bad acting and bad writing and bad animation) I'd really rather watch the Lifestyle Network any day.

Anyway, I gotta go. I'm catching tonight's episode. Toodles!

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