Thursday, November 4, 2010

Malik's Halloween Saturday

I meant to share photos of our Halloween weekend sooner, but I've been busy. Our other help (the one who's in charge of the house) had to leave us again. Super typhoon Juan destroyed most of their crops. She had to go home to help her family harvest whatever was left. Sigh.

I'm still rushing to finish errands so forgive me if this post sounds mildly incoherent. But now that we've got the usual disclaimers in place, we should get on with the stories already yah?

Saturday was spent celebrating Marion's 1st birthday in Makati. The invite said we should come in our best Halloween costumes. Yey! I was super excited to pull this off. After weighing all the options and considering your suggestions, we decided to dress Malik up as a (click to enlarge) -

A. Circus Ringmaster 
B. Waiter
C. Ventriloquist Dummy
D. All Of The Above

If you answered D, you're correct! Haha The original intention was for Malik to show up as a ventriloquist dummy, which explains the parallel lines drawn from the ends of his mouth to his chin. But as the afternoon progressed, we had to change Maik's Halloween personality according to the circumstances.

First, after the customary pictures had been taken, we had to get rid of the eyeliner because I was afraid for Malik's skin. At this point, Malik became -

 Tada! Circus Ringmaster!

And then, we had to remove Malik's coat because it was starting to get warm, so Malik became -

Tada! Waiter!
Malik: "Sir, refill kayo?" 

In addition to getting to dress up for Halloween, we had fun playing games -

Ye Ol' Ring Toss
Malik: "Eto na, ma. Ihahagis ko na. Whoop."

Shoot the Beanie Bag in the Pumpkin's Nose

And dancing -

And meeting the birthday girl, Marion -

Malik (with my assistance) also took home three yellow rubber duckies, which he uses in his baths everyday. Yey. Happy Birthday Marion!


  1. oh, sayang di kami nakapunta! na-meet sana ni gabby si marion at malik :)

  2. Hey great photo of Malik and Marion (aka Little Gladi and Little Yen)

  3. Chi, not to worry. Gabby cane make up for it by showing up at Malik's party. Malapit na! Hoorah!

    China, excellent. I wanted to post our group picture but I was wearing a checkered bow tie. Ugh.


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