Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Amnesia Girl

Nope, I haven't watched Harry Potter 7 yet. And yes, I rushed out of the office as soon as the workday ended on Friday so I could watch - My Amnesia Girl! [Warning: Some spoilers after the jump]

For those fearing that My Amnesia Girl may be just a knock-off of the Drew Barrymore-Adam Sandler movie 50 First Dates, let me tell you now it's not. The story is quite original actually. Sales executive Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) meets photographer Irene (Toni Gonzaga). The two are a perfect match for each other and fall madly in love. Apollo proposes marriage, which Irene accepts. But on the day of the wedding, Apollo gets the wedding jitters and leaves Irene at the altar. Apollo gets on with his life and dates other women, all while still in love with Irene.

Some years later, Apollo and friends chance upon Irene at the local grocery. At this point, you may guess whether: (a) Irene contracted amnesia as a result of the traumatic incident of having been left at the altar. Apollo, realizing he made a mistake in letting Irene go the first time, takes advantage of the opportunity to woo Irene again and start over; or (b) Irene, scared of making the mistake of again falling in love with the man who left her, feigns amnesia.

From left: Apollo's friends, Ketchup Eusebio, Joross Gamboa, Carlos Agassi and Ronnie Lazaro. All good actors. Special mention goes to Joross: Your name sounds like an energy drink but I like your acting.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. First off, I didn't know John Lloyd Cruz could also pull off comedy (as opposed to comedy + romance = romantic comedy). I've heard stories about him being all serious in real life. So his deliveries in this movie came as a surprise. Secondly, like most Lloydie fans, I had my doubts about the pairing with Toni Gonzaga. Up to this point, the two have never had any major projects together. But it turns out, Toni and John Lloyd are funny, individually and as a pair. I guess it helps that their off-screen personalities match the characters of Irene and Apollo perfectly. Thirdly, and I say this with all honesty, I didn't think I'd still find John Lloyd Cruz cute after seeing him half-naked so many times! Yes, friends and countrymen. In this movie, Lloydie will surprise us with many many half-naked scenes for the first time. He's apparently accepted that he will not grow washboard abs like Derek Ramsey and hopes that his fans will accept him lock stock and barrel. He's right. He's still the cutest in my book, man boobs (which aren't bad) and all.

John Lloyd and Toni: Hindi na masama.
(This and other photos from: Jonas)

Now the downsides. First, you will see a lot of Toni's legs in this movie. Fine if they want to bank on her best assets, but the scenes where I see them are just one too many. Secondly, I could do without the very predictable turn of events towards the end. My Amnesia Girl was able to recover somehow but I agree with some reviews in the sense that the movie may have already peaked in the middle. Third, some lines were too cheesy for taste. Men, well at least my husband and his friends, are not that ma-drama and emo in real life.

Not Lloydie's best promotional photo...

All things considered, I loved this movie because of the funny one-liners, the okay pacing and the excellent directing from Cathy Garcia-Molina as always. I may just be a fan but I've actually decided, only an hour into the movie, that My Amnesia Girl is at par with one of my favorite John Lloyd Cruz movies of all time, A Very Special Love. I guess the bosses at Star Cinema should be crying "Wee wee wee" all the way to the bank now. Congratulations. Pa-burger naman kayo.

(My Amnesia Girl now showing in these theaters.)

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