Friday, November 5, 2010

Pipo turns 7

I seriously miss Pipo. Hi Pipo -

You can get to know more about Pipo in my old blog. I seldom write about him now. But there was a time when our world revolved around Pipo. He slept on our bed -

Find the doggie.

He wore clothes.  We would have fed him our food if it weren't bad for his SGPT count. (Yah. He was so well taken cared of that we made sure to check his vitals annually. He was the canine equivalent of the boss who's entitled to an annual executive check-up!)

Pipo at the pet hospital. 

Sadly, Pipo had to stay with my in-laws a month before Malik was born. I tried to find material that would prove otherwise, but it looks like pets do cause allergies in babies. This article even says parents should hold off on getting family pets until their baby is 6 years old.

Hi Honey, we'll have to wait 5 more years yes?

I know it's not an excuse, but because Pipo's been living away from us, we've been neglecting our obligations as his humans. For instance, his shots this year are three weeks overdue! I've been reminding Pao about Pipo's vaccination schedule but we just couldn't find the time to actually pick up Pipo and bring him to his vet. Bad parents. I hope we can get around to doing that this weekend. Someone should report us to PAWS if we don't. Hala.

Anyway, I remembered because Pipo turned 7 years old on Tuesday, November 2! Imagine that. Seven long dog years. I'm happy that the life expectancy for chihuahuas is 15 years or more because I'm hoping Pipo will get to meet Malik when pogiboy gets a little older. They will love each other for sure. Happy 7th Birthday baby boy!


  1. Hi Gladys. Medyo natakot ako sa post mo since we now have 2 dogs and I can't imagine giving them away when we have a baby na. I clicked on the link you provided and managed to get to this link:

    So maybe pwede pa din dog sa house?

  2. Hi Gladys, lamo yun din nabasa ko pero pag ka panganak ko ky Calleigh dito sa house di naman nag ka allergy. Di naman long-haired dog c pipo e so im sure pwede na yan. Nakita mo naman yung chihuahua namin c alexie diba? Mas lagasin pa nga ng balahibo. Salamat naman at di inallergy c Calleigh. Just make sure lang wag nyo na patutulugin sa bed nyo and sa room nyo or kahit sa sofa kasi yung maliliit na balahibo yung nakaka allergy kahit laban mo, kumakapit sa tela mahirap maalis and yung sa aircon dun sumisiksik yung balahibo kasama ng alikabok kaya nakaka allergy. Or before magising c malik linis na yung floor. :)

  3. Ginawa namin binili ng sariling bed c alexie. Yun lang di na sya pwede pumasok sa room lalo na pag bukas aircon. Every other week pa nga naliligo c alexie. Hehehe! Tapos morning bago bumaba si calleigh naka punas na ng floor na my downy antibac pang tanggal din lamok.:) hehehe! At bawal na si alexie sa sofa. :) im sure pwede na yan c pipo sa house nyo.

  4. Hey Karen and Mishee,

    I read about this other school of thought, which is really just a restatement of the old Filipino practice of "hayaan mo, para ma-immune." Waha

    Pao actually left the matter to my discretion. If I wanted to, we can just give it a go. But would I really want to be blamed if Malik gets allergies? Nope.

    I guess it all depends on your risk appetite. It's just that when it comes to Malik, my risk appetite is zero. Nil. Zip. Di bale na lang. :p


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