Friday, November 26, 2010

PolliWalk This Way

Now that Malik is walking, it's time we got him a decent pair of shoes. He used to wear a cheap but functional pair labeled "Bebe" from the SM Department Store. But Malik's style of walking apparently requires a certain type of footwear. He stumbles if his shoes have a lot traction in front.

We've concluded that Malik's ideal pair of shoes would be soft-soled clogs, especially while he isn't walking on escalators yet. Crocs were an option, but I didn't want to shell out that much money for such ordinary looking shoes. It's great that I found these T-Rex clogs from Polliwalks. Aren't these the coolest? (I thought about using the word "cutest," but they're not really cute no? They're cool. Kewl, kewl, kewl.)

Polliwalks are easy to put on and take off. They come in fun and colorful animal shapes, and they have "footprinter bottoms," to make walking extra fun. They're light because they're made of soft foam.  And best of all, they're machine washable. Check these out -

Polliwalks Gator
Polliwalks Frog

Polliwalks Fish

For those who have baby girls, Polliwalks has "cute" pairs for your little one too -

Clockwise : Elmo, Oscar and Cookie Monster

Click here for more info.

(T-Rex Polliwalks, PhP1450 PhP1490 from Kid Sports Robinsons Galleria)

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