Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ProP 11.1 - Sixty Forty

Proud Parent Update - Two weeks ago, Malik was like this -

Although able, Malik could not be bothered to walk because he got along fine cruising or crawling. Plus you'll notice that he likes to fall into anything he can hold on to rather than walk to it. When he's really lazy, he won't even stand up and will just dangle by his armpits. Hala.

Recently, Malik's been walking about 40% of the time. His default mode of mobility is still crawling but at least now he knows that he can get also get around by walking. In this video, you'll see us getting Malik to walk around by enticing him with empty lotion bottles and such (You'll also hear me say, "Wag masyadong matagal Pao para madaling i-upload." Ayos.) .

Malik is making excellent progress, don't you think? Yey for Malik!

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