Thursday, November 25, 2010

ProP 11.4 - The Last

Proud Parent Update - I was supposed to upload this blog post last night, by way of my last and final Proud Parent Update. As it turns out, I forgot all about it. So I'm belatedly uploading it now.

You see, Malik turns one year old today. Hooray! The ProPs will be ending now, but that doesn't mean I will stop writing about my son. It's just that after the 1st year, it will feel kind of weird dividing Malik's life by months. He has the rest of his life ahead of him. That's a lot of months! So I figured, mommy will be here to keep notes about Malik's adventures as they arise.

Okay. Without further ado, I'm sharing pictures of what Malik looks like when he's sleepy for my last ProP. Enjoy the cuteness you guys.



  1. Happy 1st birthday Malik! Mwah! - calleigh

  2. Malik,

    I'm so sad i won't be able to go to your first birthday. I'll make it up to you with my gift.

    Love, Ninang Mel

    Gladi: Post lots of pictures ha!

  3. oh cute. your malik is so adorable.

    naku talaga????? sige ill hold off to massage muna. But my hands and feet are so achy. Especially my hands. I can't fold it esp in the morning. But when i soak it to warm water it eases the pain.

    btw the liz-noynoy thing. isa lang concern ko. Imagine si kris and sis-in-law mo???? katakot.

  4. Thanks Mishee! See you and Calleigh at the party!

    Thanks Mel! Ninja ka. Haha :)

    Denise, tiisin mo na lang. Better safe than sorry di ba? About Kris as a SIL, oo nga. Scurry.


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