Sunday, November 7, 2010

Same Outfit, Different Day

This time last week, the boys and I went on a Sunday drive to Tagaytay, so Malik can breathe cold and (mostly) fresh air. That was the first time we took Malik for an out-of-town drive. He was his usual well-behaved self on our way out, happily minding his own business, watching the billboards along the express way and such. Our trip back was another matter, however. Fussy is not the word to describe how Malik was. He was more, uhm, active and possibly twist-y. Yes, he was twist-y.

Halloween Sunday 

Since that was a Halloween weekend, we brought Malik's Halloween costume with us. This time, Malik showed up as Pierre, cunning ring master of the Nebab and Zamora travelling circus -

Malik V. Pangilinan: I'm CEO, b*tch.  

Cousin Mae came as a sweet little fairy -

We walked around -   

And watched TV on top of this divine bed -

Malik and Mae were supposed to go trick or treating but the entrance fee was not to our liking, especially with a family of oh, I don't know, twenty people. So we just dressed Malik and Mae up and took photos of them at the entrance. Haha

Malik: "What do you mean we're not going in? We had a deal!"


  1. haha, ginawa namin itong same outfit, different day for gabby! he was dressed as a peashooter :) first sa trick or treat sa office nila anzen, the next day sa birthday party ng nanay ko. gotta get a lot of mileage for the costume! :)

  2. Chi, I had to Google "peashooter". Teehee He was dressed as a toy?

  3. he was a Plants vs. Zombies character :)

    Mag-Facebook ka na kasi, hehehe (nakisali sa "online petition to get Gladi on FB").

  4. Plants vs. Zombies is a computer game pala (you might not know since you had to Google peashooter, hehe)

  5. Ah. Facebook. Must Google that also. Haha


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