Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Scored these from the first Chuvaness x Bleach Catastrophe collaboration called Heather Miss Grey -

Got this cropped top in gray

And this asymmetrical shirt in the same color

The timing was perfect then. I was pregnant and the HMG collection was all comfy and shapeless. After giving birth, however, I found that I used the shirts mostly to run errands. They're comfortable but not very refined so I wear them when I don't expect to be photographed. :p

Wearing HMG while giving Malik a bath

Heather Miss Grey shirts do not come cheap mind you, at least not to middle class working people like me. The first above costs PhP895, the second costs PhP1895. Bleach Catastrophe stills sends me SMSes when they're on sale, but I seldom drop by because unless I'm carrying a baby, T-shirts/Doc Martens/platform sneakers aren't really my thing now. I don't know. I guess I don't have the spunk to carry them off. I consider myself ancient, which explains why I like my clothes to be more "steady" and "wala lang."

But but but! The new HMG collection, launching this Friday 12 November, looks mighty promising. I love that the clothes are a lot more feminine while still retaining the basic designing principle of making comfortable clothing.

Can I call you mine?

I hope CVS x BC make more this time. I wanted to buy more items from the first collaboration but the stocks sold out fast. If I'm not too late, with reservations penciled in left and right, this one's sold.


  1. Gladi, yung shoes na suot ni Maxene ang gusto ko. Must go to rustans to buy that.

  2. Nice no? I like these too - But for close to 4K, I'm thinking hard. Mauna ka na lang bumili and THEN let me know.

  3. P.S. Dropped by Bleach Catastrophe yesterday to look at this dress. It's PhP2695! Ang mahal naman. I could buy a suit for that price. So I bought a shirt for PhP895 instead.


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