Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm sure everyone's been busy stuffing their faces with greasy holiday food (nom-nom-nom) and drinking themselves silly every night. I've been enjoying the holidays this year too. Remember this is the first year that we're celebrating Christmas with a baby who isn't just pooping and crying all night. We realize it's fun lugging around a[n almost] toddler who eagerly smiles at strangers at the mall. *ahem* pogi *ahem*

We've been especially busy at work with projects left and right. Special mention goes to the launch of our operations in the Visayas this month. We've had to file, and are still working on filing, things with the regulator. I really have to squeeze in partying between working (or some days, it's the other way around. Teehee) All the madness is compounded by a short vacation that we will be taking. I have to tie up lose ends at work before turning my mobile off to spend time with the boys.

Because of the above, the blog will not be updated for a few days. I promise my future self that I will post tons of stuff when things get mellower. Let's see, there's been Jay and Claudette's beach wedding, the kiddie Christmas party at our office, a new hole-in-the-wall called Hermanos Tacos that we tried last week and of course, pictures of our vacation! Until then...

Check back soon!

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