Thursday, December 30, 2010


My parents weren't really big on traveling, so my holidays (including the Holy Week) were spent indoors watching TV or playing all by my lonesome self. I'm hoping we'll raise Malik differently. After all, Manila is really just a teeny tiny place compared to the rest of the world.

Soon, when we've been blessed and Malik learns to appreciate new places, we hope to take him to Disneyland or Disney World or wherever it is where mascots are a-plenty. In the meantime though, we're traveling local. Over the holidays, we took Malik to Baguio. Yey.

In fairness, travel time has been made more pleasant with the new express ways. SCTEX reduced travel time to Tarlac to 2 hours, and the new route from Mindanao Avenue to NLEX allowed us to skip Balintawak altogether. However, the trip still took 5 hours. Ugh. Plus, I've never been a fan of the bend-y roads leading to Baguio. Ugh.

It's been more than ten years since I last went to the City of Pines. The place has changed, sadly not for the better. Maybe it's because tourists like us were vacationing for the holidays, but the traffic in Baguio City while we were there was horrible. Air quality has also turned for the worse. It was cold sure (around 13C, according to the Internet) but the city air was mostly polluted.

Baguio City proper notwithstanding, we still had a fun and memorable vacation. Thanks to Tito Louie and Tita Bel who invited us to their Baguio summer home. Tito Louie's family maintains a vast and beautiful cottage in Baguio City where we all stayed. Versus Baguio City proper, the air in their home that was nestled in what must have been hundreds of trees, was clean. Malik had fun walking around because the place was the world compared to our cramped apartment. I cannot imagine how the last five days must have been like to Malik. Usually, he's at home with only a handful of people and no playmates around. While we were there however, he was being carried and chased by the entire Allarey clan!

I'm sharing pictures below. These were taken using our old point and shoot Sony Cybercam, which means you'll have to excuse the quality. I promise to post a link to better quality pictures, as soon as Papa Alex and/or Ana posts them on Facebook. Enjoy!

Here where are at the cottage's front lawn. Looks like the place where they shot Twilight no? So idyllic.

Malik spending time with Lolo Alex

I realize, we're all different in our own quirky ways. Baby Mae, who is 1/2 a year older than Malik, is active and perky. Malik was reserved. He clung most of the time to mommy or daddy. Awww.

Here's a photo of Pao's cousin Kuya Francis and his daughter Mae, riding a "horsh." Malik rode one too. He loved it. I'll upload a video of that soon.

Malik at Camp John Hay with his Ninang Ana. Isn't Malik's penguin knitted vest the cutest? Thanks Auntie Jane!

Malik: "Hindi ho ako si John Lloyd. Hawig lang."

At Burnham Park...

... where we took the customary boat ride. (The water was filthy. Haha My sister would not approve!)

Tito Louie and Tita Bel's home was so huge, there was plenty of room to drive a bicycle. This is Mae's by the way, which explains why it's pink.

There was a small amusement park in Burnham where Pao and Malik rode the mini-Ferris wheel.

Malik and Mommy rode the carousel too.

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  1. UPDATE: Hey Ma, Pao and Papa Alex uploaded photos on Facebook. Ask Me-An or Kem to look them up. :)


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