Thursday, December 30, 2010

A day at the office

Hey hey, fans! We're baaack! Daddy and mommy are still busy tidying things up. There are loads of laundry to be dropped off at the laundry shop and a house that's been unlived at for five days. So naturally, the adults are scurrying about putting soaps and such in their proper place.

While they're trying to recover from our vacation, my mom asked me to write a guest post for her blog. I don't know how she discovered it, but it looks like mommy now knows I know my way around computers. I was thinking yesterday what I should write about and thought, "Well, there is that super fun Christmas party that I attended..."

You see last week, mommy took me to her office for the first time. Daddy tagged along, because I wouldn't know how to get there if he didn't. Heehee First we went to see mommy at her cubicle.

Malik: "Your cube is cool, mommy. Not bad. Not bad at all."

Ah, here's what my Ninang Cel gave me for Christmas. Riches!

I won over mommy's bosses with my charm. So easy. Heehee

Malik: "Do you like me yet? Haha"

I've never seen so many children in my entire life!

Malik: "Hi everyone! My name is Malik. I'm pleased to meet y'all."

Guys, meet one of my girlfriends - Bea. (You shouldn't tell her though, because she doesn't know we're meant to be. Not yet.)

They played games! Too bad I was too young to join in. Anyway, I had fun watching from the sidelines.

And then this fellow who went to my birthday party gatecrashed the party too! The other kids loved him. It was suspicious. I shall get to the bottom of this fellow's popularity. Mark my words.

Malik: "What are you looking at?"

The other kids ate what they called Chickenjoy, which I've never really tasted. Mommy says my tiny teeth can't handle the juicylicious-ness yet. So I just watched. Again. Boo.

Malik: "Uy Bea, anong lasa?"

I was getting restless so I decided to compel mommy and/or daddy to take me to a tour of the place. I walked and walked and walked, while they followed and followed and followed. Wahahaha.

Malik: "Here. Let's have a look at this photocopying machine."

Malik: "Show me how the market is doing, mommy."

Malik: "Let's call this meeting to order..."
Malik: "Heigh-ho. Heigh-ho. It's off to work we go."

Mommy's office is fun. It's no wonder she goes there everyday. I wish she'd take me with her though. She really shouldn't be keeping all the fun to herself, right?

That's it. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Bye!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy new year Malik! ^^ See you on Jan. 23! Save the date. ~ Calleigh

  2. Okay Calleigh! Looking forward to your parteeeehhhhh! - Malik


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