Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feels like Christmas morning

When we were wrapping up Malik's 1st birthday party, the predominant thought in my head was "Where will I keep all this stuff?". Not that we're complaining about the many toys and clothes that our kind friends and family have been showering on our pogiboy. It's just that our very tiny apartment could not accommodate a lot of things.

I had the same concern after Malik's dedication day. Thankfully, we managed to find enough plastic bins and cabinet shelves that could fit one too many toy boxes. I don't know how I managed this time. But, by luck and a little urban planning, all of these gifts are now safely stored somewhere -

Spot the baby

While I was busy unwrapping boxes, Malik was busy throwing his new toys around. Yey!

After seeing this photo, I will surely get a note from my sister telling me not to let Malik sit on the floor. Ayos lang yan. Para ma-immune. Haha

This is my favorite present -

- Lola Au's gift with a card in her own handwriting!

Thank you world! Until our next children's party! Toodles.

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