Saturday, December 18, 2010

I won!

My entire life, I've only won in a raffle once. I remember the moment distinctly. It was at Pao's office's Christmas party many many years ago. I won a stand fan, which we use until now. Other than this, I've never been raffle-lucky. It was okay. Ang swerte sa raffle malas sa pag-ibig. So I was happy watching other people claim their flat irons and blenders. Teehee Last night, however, I won this -

I actually won an American Home microwave oven, but I happily exchanged it for this digital photo frame. I figured, a household only needs one microwave oven while we can never have too many pictures lying around. Yey.

Anyway, excuse us if posts in the blog have been few and far between. We've been busy spreading Christmas cheer. One week to go! Ho-ho-ho...


  1. OMG I was just about to make a similar entry! I won second prize in the office Xmas raffle last night...first time I've won a raffle, ever. I got a 32" LCD TV (LG). Super lucky (considering there were about...200 names at least in that bowl?)

  2. bad trip, kahit fruitcake sa lasalle raffle di ko napanalunan! kotse pa naman ang 1st prize sa senate.

  3. Mel, I heard from Pao as soon as you posted it on FB! Congratulations! Care to trade for a digital photoframe?

    Golda, kotse?! The Ombudsman will have to look into this...



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