Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm ready for my close-up

Let's face it. Showbiz has not been kind to men with long hair recently. James Hetfield realized this and took the plunge in the early 90s -

Before: "Hello, 163? May irereport lang ang suspicious looking character..."

After: "Ay, nevermind. Pogi pala siya."

Bon Jovi did it too, which led to bigger Hollywood opportunities -

Before: "Dude, Madonna called. She wants her hair back."

After: "Ay, okay lang. Pogi ka naman pala."

And although Golda may find this debatable, I'm sure the majority of us consider Brad Pitt hotter with shorter hair than in Legends of the Fall -

Before: "8 of 10"

After: "Malayong mas pogi."

So over the weekend, I sat Malik down and told him, "Son, your emo swoop is cool. However, we have got to jump start your mainstream career. You can still be "rock and roll-y" at home, but when you're going to be seen in public, you have to follow John Lloyd's lead and be all wholesome. So son, it's time. Let's get you a haircut."

Malik's famous emo swoop.

Thankfully, Malik agreed. I wasn't surprised that Malik wasn't squirming in his barber's chair. I hope this does not jinx Malik's behavior, but my sister has especially been telling me that Malik is the most well-behaved boy he's met. And I quote, "Kung ganito lang ang anak ko, pwede pa kahit lima." Nakaman. 

Malik: "I wonder what the fuss is all about. Dumdi-dumdi-dum." 

Stage Mother slash Stylist
Gladi: "Please Pao. Not too many photos. 
We have to negotiate a Yes! magazine exclusive. 
Hindi pwedeng libre lang!"

Seriously though. Malik got his first haircut on Sunday, November 29 at the Kids Hair Station at Robinsons Galleria. Pao and I cut his hair for the first time at the same time, although I think Pao may have gotten more hair than I did. Hmmm. We kept Malik's baby locks. They are now sealed in Malik's "baby album," which is really just a clear folder with odds and ends, like our tags at the hospital, Malik's belly button (?) etc.

 Malik: "Boss, akala ko ba may kasamang masahe?"

Here's what Malik looks like now -

He looks like he's grown from a baby to a kid overnight, don't you think? Still. He's the most pogi baby I know. Ewan ko lang sa inyo. Teehee


  1. i love malik's new hair! at gladi, si brad pitt gwapo kahit ano ang porma.kahit sa fight club na mukha siyang mabaho.

  2. Wala naman akong sinabi Golds. HAha

  3. ampogi pogi naman. made me smile.


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