Monday, December 13, 2010

Mabuhay si Stephen! Mabuhay!

Welcome Monday! I am still trying to recover from the busy Holiday weekend. The boys and I made a mad dash to the malls to pick out gifts. I haven't been taking pictures, for obvious reasons. It would be superhuman to be able to take pictures in a bazaar, while lugging a one year old, said one year old's stroller, and a dozen shopping bags.

Anyhoo. While we are still catching up on our Christmas shopping, I will belatedly write about Malik's Bonifacio Day weekend. Guess who was in town for a couple of weeks? Pao's best man Tet! Yey. Stephen returns to the country every so often to check on his projects in Masbate and Catanduanes (I don't know much about these projects. I only vaguely know that they involve literacy and computers). Stephen used to travel a lot for work but has since settled in Las Vegas for mellower undertakings. This year, he let us use some of his leftover miles for some bonding and relaxing. So here we are spending the weekend at the Holiday Inn -

Malik had a great time walking around the room, looking at himself in the full length mirror -

Malik: "This is new. Mommy, why are our mirrors at home so small?"

And waving at the call center agents at the building next door (which is actually my office building, eeek) -

Malik: "Helllllooooo there!"

Tet brought over huge alimango (crabs) from Masbate. I must have eaten two whole female crabs, with the aligue (crab fat) and all the trimmings. Yum yum.

Alimango: RIP

Tet is back in the U.S of A now, but the cholesterol that we consumed while he was here is probably still stored in our arteries. Thank you Tet! Our bodies will forever remember! Yey!

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