Friday, December 10, 2010

My cardboard shoes

Aesthetically, these shoes are da bomb. Every girl should have a classic pair of black flats. I especially love the vintage and romantic feel of the roses on top -

After wearing this pair a couple of times though, I have decided that no matter how pretty their shoes are, I will never buy from this brand again. These shoes look, and actually feel, like they're made of carton. They wrinkle in parts where your feet bend after a couple of wears. I honestly think I'm bound to meet a wardrobe disaster anytime soon.

But since it's Christmas and I don't feel like ruining someone's business at a time of the year where business is usually booming, I will not reveal where I got this pair. Okay, fine. I will just whisper it to you.

Just between us girls, I got these from Cole Vintage. Ssshhh.

Milano flats in black, PhP799 from Cole Vintage


  1. Hay naku Cole Vintage. I got a pair of pewter sandals from them, after one use, nasira. As in natanggal ang tahi. So disappointing, around P700 din yon.

  2. buti nalang sinabi mo sa akin yun tungkol jan. the one you got is the one I also like to buy pa naman.

  3. They really should find a better supplier no? Sayang.


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