Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rookie of the Year

Pao has been very patient teaching Malik the words "ball" and "shoot," and showing him how to use the basketball court/s that he got for his birthday. Pao has thankfully met some success, because last night we think we heard Malik say "ball" (or maybe "bel". Hard to say. Hehe)

Pao: "Shoot Malik. Shooot. Shoooot. Shoooot."

Malik: *crickets*

Malik: "You can't..."

Malik: "...catch me, daddy. Weee!"

I really pray Malik grows up to like at least one sport. It would be unusual for a guy not be sporty, I think. Mahihirapan si Malik magka-girlfriend. Kawawa naman. Hmmm. I hope, in addition, that Malik learns to enjoy playing basketball. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, ahem) and basketball are the only two sports that I enjoy watching. And between the two, there is no question I'd rather have Malik play the latter. It would take every ounce of my energy not to fall asleep while watching Malik play, say, football if he chooses this sport. Just thinking about it makes me feel slee..Zzzzzz....

Just kidding Golda. Wahaha Malik can choose whatever sport he likes - sepak takraw, baseball, swimming, biking, (gasp) figure skating. We will support him in all of these so long as: (1) the sport is safe, and (2) training/equipment will not cost so much, ergo, no bob sledding! Mahal ang pamasahe to parts of the world where snow is a-plenty!

I will end today's post with this video of Pao enjoying Malik's toy. Pao should learn to SHARE! You can hear me in the background saying, "Palaruin mo naman siya Pao." and "Si Malik naman!" Greedy daddy...


  1. solid na ang game plan kay malik the rockstar.maging athlete tapos pag palapit ng mag 30, mag-artista na.then....senador.go malik go! (p.s. wag naman MMA.dyosko, ang brain cells!)

  2. Golds, I've been following the AFF Suzuki Cup just 'cause the Askals are hot! Boo that we lost to Indonesia. But the point is, kung ganun din lang ang itsura ng mga football players, parang bagay si Malik sa football. Sabi nga nila, birds who are guwapo must flock together. Wahaha


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