Monday, December 20, 2010

Stage Mother

My office is throwing a Christmas party for our kids this week. We were required to register, just so the organizers know how many loot bags to prepare and such. I registered Malik. He's on the official list that they sent by email to everyone on Friday -

Check out No. 16!
(You may click to enlarge) 
When Malik grows up thinking he's really pogi, I'll have you all know, I take sole credit.


  1. pakicheck naman ng birth certificate ni malik.bka pogi boy ang nakasulat.magkaproblema tayo jan pag nag-apply siya ng passport.

  2. Wah Golds, Malik has a reputation now. May exchange gift kanina. Ang nakalagay sa gift card niya, "For Pogi Boy Zamora." Yahoo.


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