Monday, December 20, 2010

Tumble Bee

Malik's sleeping habits have been a favorite topic. I like observing him when he's preparing to go to bed, which is the time when he's most malambing. I've blogged about Malik's nighttime rituals here and here. Today, I will add another to this list...

When he's sleepy, Malik likes to do this -

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

We wonder why. My sister told me that a baby who does this is asking for a sibling. This is supposed to be a Filipino myth. Interestingly, I Googled "pamahiin" + "tumutuwad" + "na" + "baby"* and this string of words led me to this multiply site. The entry may confirm that the myth exists, but this does not necessarily mean that the myth is true. The baby in the blog is more or less Malik's age. I guess generally, a baby that is a year old will try this trick because this is around the time when they discover that the maneuver is possible.

So to sum up: (1) No, just because Malik likes looking through his legs and leaning forward, doesn't mean we're going to get pregnant, and (2) Yes, this maneuver is more likely to produce another baby if it is performed by the mom rather than the baby. Teehee

* I will tag this post "pamahiin tumutuwad na baby" so that my entry will turn up the next time a curious mom Googles this phrase. Quick thinking, right? O-yeh.

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