Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Bang

What do you know? It's officially the new year in a few hours! In 2010, we moved to a new apartment, welcomed Steve to our family, and celebrated Malik's first birthday. Work has been steady. Pao has been blessed with trips to Taiwan, KL and Rome. And I think I'm finally getting the hang of this working mom gig. I'm looking forward to a new year, which will hopefully mean more fruitful beginnings. I will not make promises, except the one where I promise to first be a better home maker and then be more devoted at (and thankful for) work. Happy New Year everyone!

Farewell 2010!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


My parents weren't really big on traveling, so my holidays (including the Holy Week) were spent indoors watching TV or playing all by my lonesome self. I'm hoping we'll raise Malik differently. After all, Manila is really just a teeny tiny place compared to the rest of the world.

Soon, when we've been blessed and Malik learns to appreciate new places, we hope to take him to Disneyland or Disney World or wherever it is where mascots are a-plenty. In the meantime though, we're traveling local. Over the holidays, we took Malik to Baguio. Yey.

In fairness, travel time has been made more pleasant with the new express ways. SCTEX reduced travel time to Tarlac to 2 hours, and the new route from Mindanao Avenue to NLEX allowed us to skip Balintawak altogether. However, the trip still took 5 hours. Ugh. Plus, I've never been a fan of the bend-y roads leading to Baguio. Ugh.

It's been more than ten years since I last went to the City of Pines. The place has changed, sadly not for the better. Maybe it's because tourists like us were vacationing for the holidays, but the traffic in Baguio City while we were there was horrible. Air quality has also turned for the worse. It was cold sure (around 13C, according to the Internet) but the city air was mostly polluted.

Baguio City proper notwithstanding, we still had a fun and memorable vacation. Thanks to Tito Louie and Tita Bel who invited us to their Baguio summer home. Tito Louie's family maintains a vast and beautiful cottage in Baguio City where we all stayed. Versus Baguio City proper, the air in their home that was nestled in what must have been hundreds of trees, was clean. Malik had fun walking around because the place was the world compared to our cramped apartment. I cannot imagine how the last five days must have been like to Malik. Usually, he's at home with only a handful of people and no playmates around. While we were there however, he was being carried and chased by the entire Allarey clan!

I'm sharing pictures below. These were taken using our old point and shoot Sony Cybercam, which means you'll have to excuse the quality. I promise to post a link to better quality pictures, as soon as Papa Alex and/or Ana posts them on Facebook. Enjoy!

Here where are at the cottage's front lawn. Looks like the place where they shot Twilight no? So idyllic.

Malik spending time with Lolo Alex

I realize, we're all different in our own quirky ways. Baby Mae, who is 1/2 a year older than Malik, is active and perky. Malik was reserved. He clung most of the time to mommy or daddy. Awww.

Here's a photo of Pao's cousin Kuya Francis and his daughter Mae, riding a "horsh." Malik rode one too. He loved it. I'll upload a video of that soon.

Malik at Camp John Hay with his Ninang Ana. Isn't Malik's penguin knitted vest the cutest? Thanks Auntie Jane!

Malik: "Hindi ho ako si John Lloyd. Hawig lang."

At Burnham Park...

... where we took the customary boat ride. (The water was filthy. Haha My sister would not approve!)

Tito Louie and Tita Bel's home was so huge, there was plenty of room to drive a bicycle. This is Mae's by the way, which explains why it's pink.

There was a small amusement park in Burnham where Pao and Malik rode the mini-Ferris wheel.

Malik and Mommy rode the carousel too.

A day at the office

Hey hey, fans! We're baaack! Daddy and mommy are still busy tidying things up. There are loads of laundry to be dropped off at the laundry shop and a house that's been unlived at for five days. So naturally, the adults are scurrying about putting soaps and such in their proper place.

While they're trying to recover from our vacation, my mom asked me to write a guest post for her blog. I don't know how she discovered it, but it looks like mommy now knows I know my way around computers. I was thinking yesterday what I should write about and thought, "Well, there is that super fun Christmas party that I attended..."

You see last week, mommy took me to her office for the first time. Daddy tagged along, because I wouldn't know how to get there if he didn't. Heehee First we went to see mommy at her cubicle.

Malik: "Your cube is cool, mommy. Not bad. Not bad at all."

Ah, here's what my Ninang Cel gave me for Christmas. Riches!

I won over mommy's bosses with my charm. So easy. Heehee

Malik: "Do you like me yet? Haha"

I've never seen so many children in my entire life!

Malik: "Hi everyone! My name is Malik. I'm pleased to meet y'all."

Guys, meet one of my girlfriends - Bea. (You shouldn't tell her though, because she doesn't know we're meant to be. Not yet.)

They played games! Too bad I was too young to join in. Anyway, I had fun watching from the sidelines.

And then this fellow who went to my birthday party gatecrashed the party too! The other kids loved him. It was suspicious. I shall get to the bottom of this fellow's popularity. Mark my words.

Malik: "What are you looking at?"

The other kids ate what they called Chickenjoy, which I've never really tasted. Mommy says my tiny teeth can't handle the juicylicious-ness yet. So I just watched. Again. Boo.

Malik: "Uy Bea, anong lasa?"

I was getting restless so I decided to compel mommy and/or daddy to take me to a tour of the place. I walked and walked and walked, while they followed and followed and followed. Wahahaha.

Malik: "Here. Let's have a look at this photocopying machine."

Malik: "Show me how the market is doing, mommy."

Malik: "Let's call this meeting to order..."
Malik: "Heigh-ho. Heigh-ho. It's off to work we go."

Mommy's office is fun. It's no wonder she goes there everyday. I wish she'd take me with her though. She really shouldn't be keeping all the fun to herself, right?

That's it. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Bye!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm sure everyone's been busy stuffing their faces with greasy holiday food (nom-nom-nom) and drinking themselves silly every night. I've been enjoying the holidays this year too. Remember this is the first year that we're celebrating Christmas with a baby who isn't just pooping and crying all night. We realize it's fun lugging around a[n almost] toddler who eagerly smiles at strangers at the mall. *ahem* pogi *ahem*

We've been especially busy at work with projects left and right. Special mention goes to the launch of our operations in the Visayas this month. We've had to file, and are still working on filing, things with the regulator. I really have to squeeze in partying between working (or some days, it's the other way around. Teehee) All the madness is compounded by a short vacation that we will be taking. I have to tie up lose ends at work before turning my mobile off to spend time with the boys.

Because of the above, the blog will not be updated for a few days. I promise my future self that I will post tons of stuff when things get mellower. Let's see, there's been Jay and Claudette's beach wedding, the kiddie Christmas party at our office, a new hole-in-the-wall called Hermanos Tacos that we tried last week and of course, pictures of our vacation! Until then...

Check back soon!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Do you notice anything different with this picture?

Malik is wearing his new gold necklace from Tita Carina Acosta! Pogi ba?
It is apparently a Thai tradition to give these necklaces to a baby when he turns a year old. Malik's necklace has a Thai Baht Gold Clasp shaped like an "M". It looks like this up close -

Traditional "M" or "Dragon" clasp for a Baht chain
The gold of both the clasp and the necklace is soft. You just pull at the legs of the "M" to put the necklace on and take it off. Unfortunately, this versatility in the "dragon" clasp is also the reason why this necklace is nursing a battle scar and is waiting to be fixed. After Pao took this photo, I put the necklace around Malik's neck again to see how it looks. Malik got curious and pulled at it.

It was probably not a good idea to let Malik play with the necklace. Now it's broken, but hopefully not beyond repair. I'm keeping it safe somewhere until we find someone who can fix it. Maybe Pao should bring it to Bangkok the next time he goes. Yey.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tumble Bee

Malik's sleeping habits have been a favorite topic. I like observing him when he's preparing to go to bed, which is the time when he's most malambing. I've blogged about Malik's nighttime rituals here and here. Today, I will add another to this list...

When he's sleepy, Malik likes to do this -

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

We wonder why. My sister told me that a baby who does this is asking for a sibling. This is supposed to be a Filipino myth. Interestingly, I Googled "pamahiin" + "tumutuwad" + "na" + "baby"* and this string of words led me to this multiply site. The entry may confirm that the myth exists, but this does not necessarily mean that the myth is true. The baby in the blog is more or less Malik's age. I guess generally, a baby that is a year old will try this trick because this is around the time when they discover that the maneuver is possible.

So to sum up: (1) No, just because Malik likes looking through his legs and leaning forward, doesn't mean we're going to get pregnant, and (2) Yes, this maneuver is more likely to produce another baby if it is performed by the mom rather than the baby. Teehee

* I will tag this post "pamahiin tumutuwad na baby" so that my entry will turn up the next time a curious mom Googles this phrase. Quick thinking, right? O-yeh.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I won!

My entire life, I've only won in a raffle once. I remember the moment distinctly. It was at Pao's office's Christmas party many many years ago. I won a stand fan, which we use until now. Other than this, I've never been raffle-lucky. It was okay. Ang swerte sa raffle malas sa pag-ibig. So I was happy watching other people claim their flat irons and blenders. Teehee Last night, however, I won this -

I actually won an American Home microwave oven, but I happily exchanged it for this digital photo frame. I figured, a household only needs one microwave oven while we can never have too many pictures lying around. Yey.

Anyway, excuse us if posts in the blog have been few and far between. We've been busy spreading Christmas cheer. One week to go! Ho-ho-ho...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rookie of the Year

Pao has been very patient teaching Malik the words "ball" and "shoot," and showing him how to use the basketball court/s that he got for his birthday. Pao has thankfully met some success, because last night we think we heard Malik say "ball" (or maybe "bel". Hard to say. Hehe)

Pao: "Shoot Malik. Shooot. Shoooot. Shoooot."

Malik: *crickets*

Malik: "You can't..."

Malik: "...catch me, daddy. Weee!"

I really pray Malik grows up to like at least one sport. It would be unusual for a guy not be sporty, I think. Mahihirapan si Malik magka-girlfriend. Kawawa naman. Hmmm. I hope, in addition, that Malik learns to enjoy playing basketball. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, ahem) and basketball are the only two sports that I enjoy watching. And between the two, there is no question I'd rather have Malik play the latter. It would take every ounce of my energy not to fall asleep while watching Malik play, say, football if he chooses this sport. Just thinking about it makes me feel slee..Zzzzzz....

Just kidding Golda. Wahaha Malik can choose whatever sport he likes - sepak takraw, baseball, swimming, biking, (gasp) figure skating. We will support him in all of these so long as: (1) the sport is safe, and (2) training/equipment will not cost so much, ergo, no bob sledding! Mahal ang pamasahe to parts of the world where snow is a-plenty!

I will end today's post with this video of Pao enjoying Malik's toy. Pao should learn to SHARE! You can hear me in the background saying, "Palaruin mo naman siya Pao." and "Si Malik naman!" Greedy daddy...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mabuhay si Stephen! Mabuhay!

Welcome Monday! I am still trying to recover from the busy Holiday weekend. The boys and I made a mad dash to the malls to pick out gifts. I haven't been taking pictures, for obvious reasons. It would be superhuman to be able to take pictures in a bazaar, while lugging a one year old, said one year old's stroller, and a dozen shopping bags.

Anyhoo. While we are still catching up on our Christmas shopping, I will belatedly write about Malik's Bonifacio Day weekend. Guess who was in town for a couple of weeks? Pao's best man Tet! Yey. Stephen returns to the country every so often to check on his projects in Masbate and Catanduanes (I don't know much about these projects. I only vaguely know that they involve literacy and computers). Stephen used to travel a lot for work but has since settled in Las Vegas for mellower undertakings. This year, he let us use some of his leftover miles for some bonding and relaxing. So here we are spending the weekend at the Holiday Inn -

Malik had a great time walking around the room, looking at himself in the full length mirror -

Malik: "This is new. Mommy, why are our mirrors at home so small?"

And waving at the call center agents at the building next door (which is actually my office building, eeek) -

Malik: "Helllllooooo there!"

Tet brought over huge alimango (crabs) from Masbate. I must have eaten two whole female crabs, with the aligue (crab fat) and all the trimmings. Yum yum.

Alimango: RIP

Tet is back in the U.S of A now, but the cholesterol that we consumed while he was here is probably still stored in our arteries. Thank you Tet! Our bodies will forever remember! Yey!

Friday, December 10, 2010

My cardboard shoes

Aesthetically, these shoes are da bomb. Every girl should have a classic pair of black flats. I especially love the vintage and romantic feel of the roses on top -

After wearing this pair a couple of times though, I have decided that no matter how pretty their shoes are, I will never buy from this brand again. These shoes look, and actually feel, like they're made of carton. They wrinkle in parts where your feet bend after a couple of wears. I honestly think I'm bound to meet a wardrobe disaster anytime soon.

But since it's Christmas and I don't feel like ruining someone's business at a time of the year where business is usually booming, I will not reveal where I got this pair. Okay, fine. I will just whisper it to you.

Just between us girls, I got these from Cole Vintage. Ssshhh.

Milano flats in black, PhP799 from Cole Vintage
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