Friday, January 28, 2011

The apple and the tree

My husband Paolo insists that Malik looks just like him. I beg to disagree. My position is that Malik is 70-30 me. 50 of the 70 in that ratio is accounted for by the mere size and shape of Malik's forehead. Word!

The ratio is of course reversed if it's Pao that you're asking. After all, Malik does have Pao's complexion. To prove his point, Pao took pains to take macro shots of his baby pictures at home. I must admit, my husband was a cute baby. Just look at that curly top!

Paolo the beach boy

Check out daddy's ride, Malik!

Oh my, I'm starting to get convinced.

TV break?

I hope someday Malik gets to be ring bearer too.

Look Malik, this is daddy chilling with Lola Girlie.

Ding dong.

Also a happy baby...

Paolo and Kuya Francis (cousin Mae's dad) with Lolo Octave and Lola Au
I enjoyed looking at these pictures because they combine many of the things that I love: my husband of course, my husband's family, and my fascination with old pictures and all things vintage. Incidentally, don't you think my mother-in-law looks pretty? One of these days, I should have her featured on My Mom, The Style Icon. My mom should be there too! She was a beauty queen you know. Heehee

Anyway, to settle this matter, albeit temporarily, here are photos of Pao and Malik that I placed side by side. What do you think?

(Click to enlarge)

P.S. I will not go down without a fight. Watch out for pictures of me in all my chubby cuteness!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love and Other Drugs

Last night, we found time to watch Love and Other Drugs starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake plays Jamie Randall, a smooth talking drug rep for Pfizer, who enjoys meaningless sex with ladies that are happy to return his enthusiasm. Jamie meets artist Maggie Murdock (played by Ms.Hathaway), who likes to have sex with Jamie but not necessarily maintain a relationship with him. Jamie and Maggie make love a lot. Up to this point, the story seems to run the usual romantic course: Boy meets girl. Boy has sex with girl (many, many times). The two resist falling in love. But resistance is futile.

What makes Love and Other Drugs more interesting, however, is the story behind the characters. At 26, Maggie has been diagnosed with Stage 1 Parkinson's disease, which is the reason why she prevents herself from making life altering commitments, i.e. falling in love. Maggie makes it appear that she is a confident woman who has come to terms with her disease. In truth, she is scared of both her future and the fact that she will need to be taken cared of because of it. Jamie, on the other hand, is complex in that he has no idea how smart, sexy (truedat!) and driven he really is. He needed to meet Maggie to realize this. So in a sense, Jamie and Maggie are meant for each other. They have needs that may be different but can only be filled by the other.

There are no twists in this movie. Naturally, Jamie becomes obsessed with finding a cure for Parkinson's. Maggie, thinking that Jamie shouldn't be dragged down by a sick person, drives Jamie away. The attraction is too strong, however, and the two eventually get back together.

But it isn't really the ending that makes Love and Other Drugs worth watching. It's the scenes and sub-plots that run throughout the movie that make you feel good. Not that I have a dirty, dirty mind but honestly, I liked the sex scenes and there are lots of them! Jamie and Maggie can't get their hands off each other! Apart from the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is undeniably HOT, I think these scenes are the most truthful parts of the movie. Because in reality, that's what people who are madly in love do, right? They make love. Yikee.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Like I said they would

I feared that these shoes would not last very long. Well today the expected happened -

Mr. Quickie will not approve.
I've worn these shoes on not more than 5 occasions and now look at how they look. It's a good thing I keep spare shoes in my cabinet at work -

Never again Cole Vintage. Never again. Tsk, tsk.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's up, Malachi?

I'm in a sad place right now. Luckily, the feeling only involves that portion of my life that is least significant. My "medyo sad" phase has, however, affected my blogging streak. I've lost my blogging mojo. Huhu To get back on track, I will attempt to write a lighthearted post. And everyone knows, the foolproof way of writing something without having to think so much is by making a list! Yey. Behold -

Malik's Five New "Things" 

[Writer's/Editor's/Publisher's Note: This is not necessarily a list of things new to Malik's toy chest. This is more a list of people, places, activities, and other stuff that interest Malik at, let me see, exactly 1 year and 2 months old. Happy Birthday Son!]

1.  Malik likes my guitar. We let him play with the strings once in a while, but my Yamaha is old and hence, fragile. It was given to me as a gift when I was 13 by my cousin Ihra. I hope to pass it on to Malik when he's older and able to appreciate the beauty of a fine acoustic guitar.

"Stone Temple Pilot's coming to Manila, mommy. Are we going?"
In the meantime though, Malik's playing with his toy guitar from Ninong PJ and Tita Chol! Woothoot.

2. Malik likes to step on his toys. For what reason, we don't know. He does this especially to battery-operated, musical toys. Malik isn't the thinnest of babies so naturally, he's destroyed several toys already by treating them as platforms.

"I am the captain of this playpen. Atenshun."
3. Malik likes to play "tent". I discovered this one morning when I accidentally placed a blanket over our heads in bed.

"What you do is just lift this here, see.."

"...and you get an instant toy!"

4. Malik likes this plastic cane. He carries it with him everywhere - even to the loo! This used to form part of the toy that Ninang Ana got for Malik at Burnham park, but the helicopter attached to it has since disappeared and Malik couldn't care less. Teehee


AFTER: "Ops."

5. Finally, Malik likes to take out most of the letters in his puzzle mats. He does this the moment he enters our room. With-out-fail. Everything's a lovely mess because of it.

"I'm busy working here, mommy. Stop taking my pictures!"

TV break.
Okay, that's it. I hope tomorrow my post will make better sense. I don't like it when I ramble. Garrulous Gladi. That's me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thai Dara

Since it's almost the weekend and the two people who read this blog may be looking for something new to try, I recommend this small Thai restaurant along Gilmore Avenue (Granada St.), beside the now famous Mien San Noodle House. The place is called Thai Dara. Here, have a look -

I love that the restaurant is small and the interiors are inviting. The place really does remind you of Bangkok, from the writings in the wall, to the Thai pop music that plays in the background. Even their utensils are served in these aluminium containers, like the smaller canteens selling street food in Thailand. Everything looks authentic. Aprubs.

I feel sorry for the people who were there while we were eating. The feel of the restaurant might have been slightly impaired by the sound of a squealing baby in the name of Malik. We also ate with another family who had twin boys with them, one of whom was very "vocal." I would have hated the parents, who were unable to control their kid, had I not been able to empathize. Anyway, I hope that when you go, there wouldn't be any noisy kids around. The place is too intimate for that.

Hoy, Malik. What do you think you're doing?!
I recommend the hearty soups, which cost around PhP200 per serving. Other items in the menu range from PhP99 to PhP150. I think these are reasonable prices, considering that a serving is big enough for two. Here's what we had -

Tom Ka Gai = Love.

Bagoong Rice or as the Thai call it, Kao Klook Kapi.

Pork Satay - Not spectacular but good enough.

Chicken Pandan - Not a fan at all. I suggest you just skip this. The chicken, which tasted burnt, was ironically undercooked. Hmmm.

I would definitely go back for the Tom Ka Gai because that's something we wouldn't know how to cook at home otherwise. That the staff is friendly and efficient is a plus. I actually think they're psychic. As in they know what you want before you even call them over! Amazing.

To read more about Thai Dara, click here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Proofed

I can't say we've begun baby-proofing our home. We've had these plug protectors for some time now -

Can you see the plug protectors here? (Click to enlarge.)

- but we've only placed them in the electrical outlets in our room. All the other electrical outlets in the house are still fair game (Oh no!). This is sad news, because Malik has been living up to his name lately. He's getting Malik-ot now. Harhar

So much wiring, so little time!
On another note, someone's watching Imortal...
I wish we had an unlimited budget to child-proof the entire house. But alas, we don't. So instead of bubble-wrapping Malik like so -

- we would have to prioritize. Personally, I think installing a gate at the top and bottom of our stairs takes top priority. (Malik is interested in steps now. Going up and down our stairs is his new hobby! Hay.) I haven't been to shops to specifically see how much these things cost. But considering the money that we paid for Malik's bed rail, I'm guessing they will cost a lot. *Doom*

My in-laws say that these gates will not last us very long. Babies grow so fast and Malik is bound to overtake the gate's height. We've been advised to just install screen doors, which unfortunately cost so much more. What do you think? Hmmm.

I must say, a screen door each for the top and bottom of our stairs may be overkill.
I am certain though that over the weekend, I will see to it that Pao is nagged into hunting down these "finger pinch preventors." Not that I'm pointing a finger at anyone, but Malik had an incident on Sunday involving his curiosity, an open cabinet, and a "dad who wasn't looking." Uh-huh. We're going to have to make sure that incident doesn't happen again.

Finger Pinch Preventors from Safety 1st - keeps hinges open.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Reveal

Dear Ma, seeing that GMA7 does not yet have the equivalent of The Filipino Channel (TFC) over there, I took the liberty of finding a video on YouTube that will give you an idea of what the 'Shembot' is -

I know, I know. It also hurts my eyes. To reduce the pain to a manageable level, I suggest you watch second 0.10 to 0.20 only. The rest of the dance number was performed with the specific intention of annoying us. Trust me, the 10 seconds that I mentioned are enough to help you understand why this video of Malik is funny -

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


All working moms know, one of the most difficult things to accomplish when raising a baby is finding a trust-worthy yaya who will love your child like her own and will take care of him capably while you are away. We've had hits and misses (mostly misses) with Malik. After many many tries, we found Ate Bear -

We like her. Although her education is humble, she is practical, easy to train and most importantly, gets along with Malik well. The downside is that she is sometimes unreliable, in the sense that she's often failed to come back to work on time after taking the weekend off, which has resulted in Pao or myself having to take leave from our jobs. Ate Bear also has a stubbornness about her. Except at Malik, she seldom smiles. She looks grumpy and irritable when she's being told to do something, like that time I asked her to give up one weekend off because I was suffering from bad colds and couldn't take care of Malik. Ugh.

I realize, finding and keeping a yaya requires a little trade off. Because Ate Bear takes good care of my son and because I sometimes see her kissing Malik's feet when she thinks I'm not looking, I find myself intentionally overlooking her little faults.

This is a nice picture. Click to enlarge.
I do not know if this is good household management. But I know that it is good parenting. So long as Ate Bear loves Malik, I am fine. I'll take whatever else comes with the package.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Next up, Football

[Facebook is overtaking posts in this blog! So sad. Anyway, since my mom doesn't have access to the social networking site, I will continue to post pictures of Malik here even when similar pictures have probably already been uploaded elsewhere. Sigh. Very well then, moving on...]

After trying out basketball and horseback-riding, we are happy to announce that Malik has taken an interest in another sport - football!

Malik: "O, ha?"

To be honest, I was just rummaging through Malik's clothes one weekend and chanced upon this football jersey that was given to Malik when he was just a teeny-baby (Thanks Minnie!). The shirt says "Manchester United," which I am not familiar with. I have neither the energy nor the interest to Google the team so please bear with my ignorance. Heehee

As luck would have it, Malik was also gifted this stuffed football a while back (Thanks Mitch!). This ball makes a funny "boink-ing" sound when you throw it.

Malik alternately kicked and ran after the ball, but he soon lost interest after we took these pictures. I personally do not mind anymore if Malik takes a liking to this sport. I've come to realize that most football players are pogi, as evidenced by this photo of the Philippine Football Team -

(Click to enlarge)
The Azkals (backrow first, clockwise from L-R) - pwede, pwede, pwede, hindi pwede, pwede, pwede, pwede, pwede, hindi pwede, OO NAMAN, pwede....

Malik "Pogi Boy" Zamora should fit right in! On a related note, I've been told that the Philippine rugby team is more pogi. Let me see -

Photos from Jessica Zafra
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