Friday, January 14, 2011

Amazing eBay Find

I was looking for a big slouchy bag in a bright happy color (Prepping for summer!). My other criterion was that the bag should be made of genuine leather. When you write down all of these on paper, the first bag that will come to mind will be a Balenciaga Motorcycle. Tada -

Not a fan of Heidi Montag. I am, however, a fan of her bag.
These things sell for a lot of money, which I am not prepared to pay for a fashion accessory. Nyii. In cases like this where you have to settle for something else, the natural course of action would be to log on to (where else?) eBay! Now, one can easily get distracted with the number of junk being sold on eBay. But once in a while, we get lucky. I know I did this time because I found this -

Big? Check.
In a happy color? Check.

Slouch ok? Check.
Made of genuine leather? Check.
The above is a brand new convertible satchel from The Sak. It converts from this -

- to this -

- by simply doing this -

The Sak Silverlake Satchel retails for around USD199 or PhP11,000 if you buy one locally from Rustan's. Do not fret dad. I paid far less than these amounts for my bag. I was really lucky! But I choose not to disclose the amount here because I may have to resell it when I get tired of it. Sweet right? Pareho pa kami ni Miley. Teehee

Peace out.


  1. I have a similar bag na Coach (Sophia is the style name yata) pero mas gusto ko yung sayo! Great deal!

  2. I Googled your bag Mel and it looks like it's going to be a classic (It probably already is)! I like my bag but discovered, after a week's wear, that it gets dirty easily. I guess the marks will just form part of my bag's "character". Yuz.


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