Friday, January 28, 2011

The apple and the tree

My husband Paolo insists that Malik looks just like him. I beg to disagree. My position is that Malik is 70-30 me. 50 of the 70 in that ratio is accounted for by the mere size and shape of Malik's forehead. Word!

The ratio is of course reversed if it's Pao that you're asking. After all, Malik does have Pao's complexion. To prove his point, Pao took pains to take macro shots of his baby pictures at home. I must admit, my husband was a cute baby. Just look at that curly top!

Paolo the beach boy

Check out daddy's ride, Malik!

Oh my, I'm starting to get convinced.

TV break?

I hope someday Malik gets to be ring bearer too.

Look Malik, this is daddy chilling with Lola Girlie.

Ding dong.

Also a happy baby...

Paolo and Kuya Francis (cousin Mae's dad) with Lolo Octave and Lola Au
I enjoyed looking at these pictures because they combine many of the things that I love: my husband of course, my husband's family, and my fascination with old pictures and all things vintage. Incidentally, don't you think my mother-in-law looks pretty? One of these days, I should have her featured on My Mom, The Style Icon. My mom should be there too! She was a beauty queen you know. Heehee

Anyway, to settle this matter, albeit temporarily, here are photos of Pao and Malik that I placed side by side. What do you think?

(Click to enlarge)

P.S. I will not go down without a fight. Watch out for pictures of me in all my chubby cuteness!


  1. Hahaha! I agree sa 70-30! Kahit cla mom sabi kamukha mo c malik! :) sa mata c pao! Hehehe!

  2. I'll have to see photos of you, before I can answer that. So far, the similarity of the eyes, nose, and mouth are scored by Pao.

  3. naku gladi, you gotta up yer game, homegurl.mukhang kamukha tlga ni pao si malik.also, hanggang anong edad ba ang ringbearer?bka malik's ring bearer career is in my hands.pwede pa naman siguro 10 years old di ba?lol!

  4. Golds - Parang junior groomsman na yata yung 10yo! You gotta up yer game, homegurl. Haha Ang goal natin ay to get you hitched within the next 3 years. Yes!


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