Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Proofed

I can't say we've begun baby-proofing our home. We've had these plug protectors for some time now -

Can you see the plug protectors here? (Click to enlarge.)

- but we've only placed them in the electrical outlets in our room. All the other electrical outlets in the house are still fair game (Oh no!). This is sad news, because Malik has been living up to his name lately. He's getting Malik-ot now. Harhar

So much wiring, so little time!
On another note, someone's watching Imortal...
I wish we had an unlimited budget to child-proof the entire house. But alas, we don't. So instead of bubble-wrapping Malik like so -

- we would have to prioritize. Personally, I think installing a gate at the top and bottom of our stairs takes top priority. (Malik is interested in steps now. Going up and down our stairs is his new hobby! Hay.) I haven't been to shops to specifically see how much these things cost. But considering the money that we paid for Malik's bed rail, I'm guessing they will cost a lot. *Doom*

My in-laws say that these gates will not last us very long. Babies grow so fast and Malik is bound to overtake the gate's height. We've been advised to just install screen doors, which unfortunately cost so much more. What do you think? Hmmm.

I must say, a screen door each for the top and bottom of our stairs may be overkill.
I am certain though that over the weekend, I will see to it that Pao is nagged into hunting down these "finger pinch preventors." Not that I'm pointing a finger at anyone, but Malik had an incident on Sunday involving his curiosity, an open cabinet, and a "dad who wasn't looking." Uh-huh. We're going to have to make sure that incident doesn't happen again.

Finger Pinch Preventors from Safety 1st - keeps hinges open.

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