Friday, January 7, 2011

Gidiyap Horsie

It looks like Malik has found his sport. While we were in Baguio, Tito Louie and Tita Bel hired horses for Malik and Mae. I'm sorry I forgot the name of Mae's horse. But she was a beautiful brown horse with a rainbow saddle. Malik's horse, on the other hand, was named "Black Label."

He was a strong black horse who, at one point, carried all three of Pao, Malik and myself -

Here is a video of Pao and Malik mounting the horse at the yard -

The horses just went up and down the street of Tito Louie's house. I was annoyed at the number of cars passing by mostly because they were evil air polluters. But since the weather was nice and Malik was having a grand time, it was fine.

To our surprise, Malik refused to dismount when his "horse credits" were up. Pao, Lolo Alex, Ate Bear and myself had to take turns to accompany Malik. Malik was the constant figure throughout the one-hour ride.

Because Malik is a timid baby, I actually assumed he'd be afraid to go on the horse but it turns out, I was wrong. Watch second 1.38 of the second video and pay particular attention to the smile on Malik's face when we allow him to go around the block one more time...

I guess this means we're down to polo or if we're aiming for the Olympics, equestrian. Daddy will buy you a pony Malik. Totyal. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Soooooosssyyyyaaaaalll! Heehee! Cute!

  2. malik, ok na sport ang mga yan.ang mga stage aunts mo ay bibili na ng pristine white clothing with matching to the match, ladies.


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