Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good morning Malik

I'm asked a lot why I blog. Well, my brain can't keep track of all the memories we make so I keep this journal to help me remember.  Most entries are trivial as you can see, like what Malik ate for breakfast, what we had for dinner the other night, the pair of shoes I bought when I needed cheering up. I envision, when Malik's all grown up and some of these entries become embarrassing for him to read, I'll print all of the pages and put them in a binder. And oh, the videos will have to be stored too. Must think of a way to catalog those. Hmm.

An excellent example will be this video that I took of Malik one morning in December. I can imagine how boring this must be for someone who is not the mother of this baby. What I basically did was just wait for Malik to wake up. But while my parents probably will not remember what I looked like in the morning at 12 months, ten years down the road, I will know this is how Malik woke up on December 10 -

Excellent idea, right? Good morning!


  1. just in case di mo pa alam, blogger can convert your blog into a book.also, if you have a picasa account, you'll have all the pictures in your blog in one album.Panalo.

  2. I didn't know Golda, and I looked it up just now! I'm so excited. They're affordable too. I found one that makes a book out of your blog (up to 440 4-color pages, hardcover pa) for only USD85. I'm in heaven.


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