Monday, January 10, 2011

Hermanos Tacos

I normally will not write about something that I didn't like and would not recommend. The idea behind this is, the world is already filled with negativity, which I need not reinforce. Besides, who would want to read a blog filled with rants upon rants? Ahem. So as a matter of principle, this post should be brief. I don't know why I am doing this (Lack of material maybe? Heehee), but I am about to review a Mexican restaurant that falls under my "Not Like" column of local food spots. Here goes.

Malik: "I have a bad feeling about this mommy. Let's not enter..."
One night nearing Christmas, after Malik and I ran our usual supermarket errand at our not so usual supermarket -

- we drove by Granada Street, Gilmore Avenue and chanced upon Hermanos Tacos. Hermanos Tacos is located within the lot of a Petron gas station. I had just recently read about this place in a blog and was eager to try it out. I remember, it is a family-owned establishment where the family actually counts a Mexican [citizen?] as one of its members. Following are photos of what we tried and their prices -

Carne Asada Taco - PhP150

Fish Taco - PhP150
*Pao also ordered the House Horchata (PhP95), which is a drink made from rice but I forgot to take a photo.

By this time, it should go without saying that I did not like any of the food. First off, I found the prices harang. The fish tacos were okay but that was something I could have made at home for far less. Secondly, I found what we ordered bland. The Carne Asada taco could not have been drier to the taste. I was especially shocked that the tacos did not come with cheese! Is adding cheese to tacos only a Filipino peculiarity? Someone enlighten me please, as I am not sure. Third, fourth and fifth: servings are small, the interiors are mediocre and the establishment's bathroom is shared with patrons of the gasoline station (!). These are all related to my first point above. I mean you guys, why charge so much for so little food/ambiance?

An upside is that, this fellow here, whom I assume is a member of the family who owns the place, knew his Mexican food and was very accommodating. Unfortunately, although I like friendly staff, I don't go to restaurants to meet people. I go there to EAT.

So in conclusion, I urge the owners of Hermanos Tacos to rethink their price points and for that matter, their recipes. Maybe these can be tailored even a little to cater to local tastes? Otherwise, it's still going to be Ristra's for me and the boys -

Malik: "I knew it dad. We should have gone to Ristra's."

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