Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Hoorah

My husband thinks that I'm a lousy gift giver. Come to think of it, when it comes to Pao, my gifts have never really been that well-thought of. While all of my gadgets (all two of them! haha) were gifts from Pao, I've only gifted him with t-shirts, a running watch, a gym bag, and Sanuk sandals on sale. Weee. This is probably why Pao does not expect much from me come Christmas time. He was mistaken. Wahaha.

This year we opened our presents early because we had to leave on Christmas day for Baguio Ceeettee! Pao opened his usual present consisting of a t-shirt: (1) which he says looks like something Paeng would wear to a bowling tournament and (2) which he thus happily exchanged for some other t-shirt two days later.

Malik: "Here you go, daddy. Merry Christmas!"

Ah, little did Pao know that my little elf Malik put a little extra inside the paper bag. Tada -

The 4th Generation 32GB Apple iTouch! Yey!
Malik and mommy opened their presents early this year too -

Malik: "Here mommy. Let me help you..."

Turns out, an early Christmas morning celebration was a good decision because Malik slept through most of our Christmas eve party at Tito Pat's and Tita Chelle's. Here are some photos while Malik was still awake -

First we went to Road 4, so that Malik may spread some Christmas cheer.

Malik: "Hello, dial tone?"

This is Malik's aktibista porma - jeans + hiking sandals. 

The rest of the pictures are here. Malik woke up shortly before midnight to open some presents -

"Wow Malachi. Look at all your gifts!"

Check out Malik's baby Havaianas courtesy of Ninang Ana!
 And just like that Christmas eve was over. Huhu


  1. LOL why is Malik making that face? In two pictures pa! Haha

  2. Which one? That's his "beautiful eyes" / "pa-cute" face! Haha


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