Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maganda ang gising

Malik is definitely a happy baby. It's just that when it comes to trying to impress us with tricks, he can be moody. He seldom shows these off, especially when there are "other people" around. Over the weekend though, we were fortunate enough to have caught Malik in his highest entertaining spirits. Watch -

You notice in the second video, Malik is getting a little confused/agitated. We understand. By that time, he's been sitting on the couch for close to ten minutes, which most babies are not disposed to do in the first place. Ahem.

Yes, I skipped Part 2 intentionally. That will be the subject of a separate post, as it requires a little explanation for my friends not familiar with the ways of the hoi polloi. *Wink* 


  1. wipee! galing naman ni malik! ang cute sobra! at at at parehas pa sila ni calleigh dun sa dancing part ha! hahaha! at at pag nag bbless tama na yung noo nalang walang hawak sa kamay. hahaha! kagigil nga mga bata ito!!! ^^

  2. Medyo may katamaran nga si Malik. Haha Yung bless walang kamay. At ang hooray ay isang kamay lang. He probably think's he's already doing us a favor by humoring us. This is so beneath him. Haha


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